Thursday, June 28, 2007

.NET and NHibernate, where do i begin?

So I've begun my foray into the world of NHibernate as an Ormapper. I've found it takes quite a learning curve, and as I'm not one to usually take a shortcut I found that using a code generator to create all the NHibernate files was really less of a shortcut and more of a good learning tool. It turns out that the documentation over at while being rather extensive is less than inviting to new users. It lays out a basic mapping, and then jumps right into the jargon. Leaving you easily confused of what to do next.

This is where a code generator came in rather handy. I first attempted codesmith as I've used it in the past and felt it is a well built product. Luckily I only used the demo as at this time the templates for NHibernate are rather shoddy and it would have not been prudent to purchase it. A friend of mine who is also trudging through this mud with me found MyGenerator, a java based code generator with some nice NHibernate templates built for it. We got this running and found that the template worked rather well. At this point simply examining the code and mappings generated gave more insight into what we should learn about than simply reading the documentation.

So now I find myself knee deep in NHibernate muck. Add that to my experimentation and study of Sharepoint 2007 and I've got enough .NET to keep me happy, or rather at least busy for some time. If you are actually reading this blog, i'm impressed, somehow I crawled out of the dark shadows of the internet into someones eyesight. Hopefully my writing will get more insightful and maybe a little humours... It will help if I don't post in the wee hours. So from here on in we'll adventure through the wonderful world of whatever I fancy.

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